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Welcome to the online version of my most recent exhibition held at the Canajoharie Library and Arkell Museum in Canajoharie N.Y.

photo of pat sitting in front of her exhibit

  1. "Happy Birthday Caroline! From Rockafeller Center"
    2006 Acrylic on masonite, 24" x 24" NFS (Not for sale)

    Born near Christmas, Caroline could feel cheated, but not this year. Her birthday wish was to spend a day in New York City and see the city at its Christmas finest. Family members of all ages came out for Caroline’s birthday, using Rockefeller Center as “home base” for sightseeing, shopping and celebrating.
    happy birthday caroline from rockafeller center
  2. "West Side 4th of July"
    2011 Acrylic on masonite, 24" x 16" NFS

    The 4th and fireworks are a thrill no matter where you view them, but seeing Macy's display in New York harbor should be on everyone’s bucket list. Family, friends and strangers crowd closely to gasp in sync with the booms and explosions of color.
    west side july 4th celebration
  3. "Treasure Map Desk"
    2010 Acrylic on wooden desk NFS

    Ever have a piece of furniture that you couldn’t get rid of but looked terrible with everything else? Turn it in to a painting! The words on this desk are taken from a beloved “Lake Rules” instruction book created by Grandma and Grandpa circa 1950. The top memorializes all the places the kids played on the lake back then.
    treasure desk
  4. "Welcome Guests"
    2013 Acrylic on wooden chair $85

    This chair was created for the show. Feel free to move it around, then sit down, relax, look at the show, and add your thoughts to the guest book
    welcome guests chair
  5. "Wildwood Generations"  $3,900
    2012 Acrylic on masonite, 26" x 24"

    Attracted by the wide, white beaches that extend far into the water, Jim began bringing his wife and daughters to Wildwood for a week each summer. Fast forward 50+ years, and a third generation of family and friends are still going to enjoy the sun, sand, boardwalk and historic Doo Wop motels.
    To preserve their family traditions, each person got to pick their favorite Wildwood activity or memory, and have it included in the painting.
    wildwood generations
  6. "Huzzah! July 4th at the Farmers Museum"
    2003 Acrylic on masonite, 30" x 24" NFS

    The Farmers Museum in Cooperstown hosts a mid-1800s July 4th celebration, which culminates with 13 toasts - reflecting the number of original colonies. A musket volley, the raising of a glass of lemonade, and the crowd voicing a loud "Huzzah" follows each declaration. The subjects -- Washington, Lafayette, Independence, the Constitution, the common schools, the army, the navy, the Union, the heroes of the Revolution, the judiciary, Liberty, the State of New York, and revolutionary Franch -- are each honored and surround the day's scene at the Museum.
    huzzah! farmer's market
  7. "If You Build It, They Will Come"
    2004 Acrylic on masonite, 29" x 24" NFS but available as giclee print (see below)

    And they do come -- boys and their families, from every state and territory of the U.S., Canada, and more, to "play ball" and pay homage to the mythic home of baseball in Cooperstown at the Cooperstown Dreams Park.
    if you build it, they will come
  8. "Sugaring Off at the Farmers Museum" $2,000
    2004 Acrylic on masonite, 24" x 16"

    Winter rituals are fun, too, especially when it includes maple syrup: watch sap flow, boil it down, put it over pancakes, and make your own candy in the snow -- all possible to enjoy during March at the museum.
    sugaring off
  9. "Anne's Golf Table"
    2004 Acrylic on wood table NFS

    Over those winter months when she can't play, Anne uses the table as a reminder of playing golf with friends at the Leatherstocking golf course on the shores of Otsego Lake.
    anne's golf table
  10. "101 Things to do at the Lake"
    2000 Acrylic on bentwood chair NFS

    Another lake rule: "No TV allowed at the lake since there's plenty of other things to do. If you can't figure out something else yourself, just look at the chair for ideas."
    101 things to do at the lake
  11. "Heavenly Fit"
    2010 Acrylic on masonite, 24" x 16" NFS

    Helene and her husband owned two shoe stores in New Jersey where they personally fitted thousands of feet into the most stylish shoes. Helene and Karl always cared about people and wanted to cure their “aching feet”. When she passed away, relieved to join her beloved husband at last, I knew they would open a heavenly branch -- providing comfort to angels and saints alike.
    heavenly fit
  12. "Marie's Crab Marinara"
    2013 Acrylic on masonite, 24" x 16" NFS

    Never squeamish, these 3 young girls were active contributors to their mother's special crab marinara sauce. With Dad's help, the girls lowered traps with chicken leg bait into Long Island waters, moments later pulling up loads of crabs.
    Back at home, Mom cleaned the crabs before she froze them for future use -- but the first batch was always added to the waiting pot of marinara, ready for the dinner that night.
    maries crab marinara
  13. "Aunt Mary's Sliced Peach Cake"
    2003 Acrylic on masonite, 24" x 20" NFS

    I spent time with Aunt Mary and my cousins every summer in their Pocono Mountain home. One thing Aunt Mary did was get us all involved in baking. At the tender age of 7, Aunt Mary helped me bake a sliced peach cake. It was the first thing I ever made from scratch and it was a success. It was a real turning point for me.
    So here it all is - her kitchen, the deer in the backyard, my cousins playing while I made my own cake, the recipe with (and who would ever guess) a Bisquick crust, and the cake itself. Everything but the aroma - Mmmmmm
    aunt mary's sliced peach pie
  14. "Best Ever Breakfast"
    2012 Acrylic on masonite, 24" x 18" NFS

    My grandmother had her own special way to make scrambled eggs. She started with an iron pan and cooked tiny, perfectly chopped squares of real bacon to crispy perfection. Then she added the beaten eggs, stirring them until she declared they were "cooked enough". (This declaration was always part of the ritual!)
    My sisters and I learned to make this breakfast in the kitchen of Nanny's 1920's bungalow in Queens, and we still make this dish whenever we want to recall our grandmother's love.
    best breakfast ever
  15. "Yankee Stadium Vanity"
    2008 Acrylic on antique vanity and bench NFS

    How do you interest a young woman in great-grandma's furniture? Turn it into a fun piece that combines two of her passions: looking her best and the Yankees. Now Leigh gets herself together every morning while contemplating the best of Yankee past and hoping they'll win the World Series again. (On the vanity is a portrait of Bertha who bought the vanity as a newlywed more than100 years ago.
    yankee stadium vanity
  16. "I Like to Live in the Sound of Water"
    2006 Acrylic on masonite, 22" x 36" NFS

    Andre commissioned this painting to give to his wife Tracy on their wedding anniversary. He wanted a scene reflecting their family home, children and many of the things they love to do together. Andre asked to include a special a poem he'd saved for years to one day present to his wife. And his brother Hans created the lovely frame.
    i like to live in the sound of water
  17. "Thank You Mom & Dad"
    2011 Acrylic on masonite, 24" x 18" NFS

    This painting is a thank you gift to the bride's parents for all they did to create a to a wonderful wedding weekend for their daughter and son-in-law. This painting is full of special memories, like life with a younger brother, outings on Otsego Lake, and family hobbies and habits.
    The painting was presented to her parents by the bride and groom at a surprise party with the artist -- which turned into a second surprise when the bride and groom received their own commissioned painting as a wedding gift from family friends.
    thank you mom and dad
  18. "A Toast to Abi and Brad"
    2011 Acrylic on masonite, 16" x 24" NFS

    The friends who commissioned this wedding gift gathered photos and stories of the wedding weekend activities -- from the rehearsal dinner to a golf outing, the rainy ceremony and reception, and closing fireworks -- all of which are included along with family and friends.
    With a painting, even imagined and wished for moments -- like the beloved family pet Maggie delivering a bouquet to the bride by canoe -- can be included in the memory.
    a toast to abi and brad
  19. "Thanks Edie for Bringing It Up" $2,400
    2013 Acrylic on masonite, 24" x 16"

    Edie Windsor is the 80-something widow who brought the issue of unfair tax treatment to the Supreme Court, winning a favorable decision in June 2013. This painting was completed before the decision, to celebrate her spunk and spirit at an age where most people would really rather just rest and let things be. Thanks to Edie, the federal government now will be including thousands more people in their official definition of "family".
    thank you eddy for bringing it up
  20. "A (Wedding) Night at the Museum" $2,400
    2011 Acrylic on masonite, 24" x 16"

    Imagine a wedding reception under the giant blue whale at the American Museum of Natural History. What better guests than the museum's other inhabitants -- from the gift shop toys to the flora and fauna in and about the museum. Even Teddy Roosevelt showed up. Fabulous party!
    wedding night at the museum
  21. "The Pride of Marble Road" $2,750
    2005 Acrylic on masonite, 12" x 36"

    Most people think of Otsego County as a summer destination, but there are actually more months of the year devoted to being a winter wonderland. Over the years, these Marble Road, Canadarago Lake neighbors, spend more time together enjoying the snow than the water.
    This painting was inspired by a winter snowmobile ride. Lead by Wendy, the entire neighborhood is starting up Walnut Grove Hill Road at the beginning of a 70 mile snowmobile trip from Richfield Springs to Cherry Valley.
    pride of marble road
  22. "Bye Bye EY
    2010 Acrylic on masonite, 24" x 28" NFS

    When I retired from my "regular job", it meant more time for things I love (like painting) but it didn't mean that I wouldn't miss the many wonderful co-workers and clients who had enriched so many hours of my life.
    Here are scenes and people from my work life -- including some of the codes from airports that I'd been through in my work of selling to businesses all over the U.S., many of whom are also included in the painting. (FYI, I don't miss business travel.)
    bye bye EY
  23. "Aunt Harriet's Cabinet"
    2000 Acrylic on composite cabinet , 24" x 16" x 40" NFS

    A beloved aunt wanted to take a little bit of the lake house she was leaving with her to her new, smaller home. The cabinet with its tiny drawers is still useful, and became the perfect canvas for a fanciful lake scene peppered with personal references done in the "Bears and Pears" folk art style.
    aunt harriet's cabinet
  24. "Aunt Harriet's Cabinet"
    Front view

    aunt harriet's cabinet
  25. "Candlelight Concert"
    1999 - On display in the gift shop and available as gilcee prints
    Unframed (20" x 15") $150 or Matted and framed (25" x 19") $250

    Magical evenings happen - snow, luminaries, music in an historic church in Cooperstown, NY.
    candle light concert
  26. "Chief Uncas"
    2004 - On display in the gift shop and available as gilcee prints
    Unframed (23" x 15") $175 or Matted and framed (26" x 20") $300

    Painted in the Bard Brothers maritime style, this lovely wooded boat can still be seen on Otsego Lake.
    chief uncas
  27. "If You Build It, They Will Come"
    2004 - On display in the gift shop and available as gilcee prints
    Unframed (25" x 21") $275 or Matted and framed (32" x 29") $475

    And they do come -- boys and their families, from every state and territory of the U.S., Canada, and more, to "play ball" and pay homage to the mythic home of baseball in Cooperstown at the Cooperstown Dreams Park.
    if you build it they will come
  28. "Mohican"
    2004 - On display in the gift shop and available as gilcee prints
    Unframed (23" x 15") $175, 23" or Matted and framed (26" x 20") $300

    Painted in the Bard Brothers maritime style, you can unfortunately, only take an imaginative ride on this once popular Otsego Lake tour boat.

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