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I am an award-winning folk art painter based in the upstate New York town of Richfield Springs, near Cooperstown. I illustrate real stories of contemporary life in a fanciful and compelling way, with twists and turns in each scene.

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I work with mixed media (acrylic, house paint and watercolors) on masonite, found boards, furniture, cabinets, and walls.

Please spend a few moments relaxing and browsing my site to learn more about my work.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me by email or by phone at 908-951-6152.

“Pat's artistic skill, composition and subject matter make her work irresistable. Whether you are
looking at a golf course you just played or a scene from distant childhood, you can’t help but feel happy at the combination of her representation and your own experience.”
                      -Anne O’Connell
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